In a Risk-Sharing World,
Is your organization flying blind...

Hospitals are under more pressure than ever
to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.

Maven combines cost information & quality-of-care data
to inform doctors as they make decisions.

Using tools they’re already using,
Doctors will access Maven with one click,
without interrupting normal workflows.

We're improving healthcare economics and outcomes,
One better-informed doctor at a time.

Clinical intelligence meets healthcare economics.

Maven gives hospitals and their doctors the truly real-time cost- and quality-of-care analytics they need to stay competitive in an industry being transformed by accountable care, risk sharing, and cost management.

Maven leverages your existing healthcare IT investment to provide decision support clinical intelligence when and where it’s needed— be it an exam room or the boardroom.


Reduced Utilization

Doctors must now consider risk sharing and cost reduction. Maven gives them the information they need at the point of decision.

Instant Alternatives

Did you know that Lucentis costs $2000 per injection? Better yet did you know that Avastin, a viable alternative, costs only $50? With Maven, your doctors will be in-the-know about alternatives, automatically.

Collaborative Improvement

There's no better source for evidence-based learning than the physicians themselves. Maven was created to foster the real-time collaboration required to transform your organization.